Bereavement Support Group

Our Lady of Sorrows Bereavement Support Group



The Bereavement Support Group at Our Lady of Sorrows meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Guadalupe Center, weather permitting. The name of the speaker and the topic is usually published in the bulletin prior to the meeting.

Anyone who has suffered a loss is welcome to attend our meetings. These meetings are informative and help others process their grief. We are here to help others walk in the journey of healing.


You are invited to read the following prayers as you go through your time of grief:

 The Hopi Prayer

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

Comfort for those who mourn

 See the following photo album for a pictorial history of the Bereavement Support Group through the years:


 History of the Bereavement Support Group Ministry

I started the group on July 21, 2004; nine months after the death of my husband. This was necessary for my healing and survival. When my husband died I realized that I had no preparation for the pain I felt in my heart or the feeling of hopelessness and despair.

I went to the library and started researching what other widows and widowers did in order to deal with the loss. I made a list of names of books which helped me. I spoke frequently to Felice Guajardo because our husbands died 2 weeks apart from each other. We thought about meeting for lunch when I got the idea of meeting with other widows. This way we could share information and find out how to deal with our pending problems.

I then called around town to other widows. A group of us gathered together, agreed on a meeting date and time, and share our feelings about the loss of our husbands. We have been going strong now for over 10 years.

On August 18, 2009 we had our first meeting in the small classroom in Trinity Hall and curently meet at the Guadalupe Center.

 Refreshments and a moderate priced gift is available to all out speakers. We also hand out poems to any new widow joining the group.

For more information, please contact Naomi Odom at 361-648-3318.